The Mindful Living Community

The most important aspect in maintaining any intentional change is to stay connected to a community of people who are also interested in that same change.

One of these ways is through a local group and another is through an online community. Our community is one that is filled with people all interested in integrating Mindful Living into their lives. The feedback has been that the weekly newsletter and daily now moments have been invaluable in helping them integrate greater clarity, possibility and change in their lives.

You have three ways to stay connected

With registration, you can choose to receive a Weekly Newsletter, and the incredibly popular Mindful Living 365 program which comes to you daily, and/or the more in-depth and integrated Course in Mindful Living.

  1. The Mindful Living Newsletter that arrives weekly filled with practical posts, upcoming events, resources and moreJust enter your name and email in the form on this page.
  2. Mindful Living 365 to help you stay connected to Mindful Living. Choose this and receive both the weekly newsletter and your Daily Now Moments.
  3. A Course in Mindful Living is a 6-month integrated course with Live Online Monthly Events with Elisha Goldstein, Private live online Mentorship Groups with Certified Mindful Faculty, an Accountability Pod for keep you going, and an in-depth curriculum that will bring you through the essentials to help you bring mindfulness meditation and mindful living into all aspects of your life.

How Do I Join?

Just choose what level of support you want and click on the links to join and you’re ready to go

(Note: Due the nature of being a LIVE program A Course in Mindful Living has specific LIVE start and end dates).