12-week Live Online Mindful Solutions at Work for Executives

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful way to manage stress, and may well become the foundation of a comprehensive new model of how we approach business. Most simply expressed, mindfulness is paying attention to moment-to-moment experience. Mindfulness meditation helps to restore and maintain a sense of personal balance, develop the skills to avoid emotional and physical depletion, and cultivate the emotional intelligence necessary to effectively lead. When we let our brains run us into looping into the past and rehearsing in the future, it is impossible to intentionally lead in this moment right now.

Mindful Solutions at Work for Executives teaches leaders to care for themselves as an integrated aspect of daily life. The skills of mindfulness enable participants to be more present, and therefore more responsive, to the needs and concerns of their colleagues, organizations and communities. This kind of presence and immediacy enhances participants’ work and life experience. In addition, Mindful Solutions at Work for Executives teaches participants to become aware of triggers and automatic (habitual) responses – an essential component of supporting any kind of behavioral change. Whether success is defined in terms of career objectives, interpersonal relationships, or healthful attitudes and behaviors, personal awareness is a key component.

Mindful Solutions at Work for Executives is a program leveraging many of the principles and skills taught in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s Stress Reduction Clinic. Both programs have a substantial body of evidence supporting mindfulness as a tool for mitigating stress and providing many different physiological and psychological benefits. With this advantage you can gain clarity of what is important versus what appears to be urgent, allowing for more skillful leadership.

The Mindful Solutions at Work for Executives program consists of 12 one-hour classes, plus a two-hour intensive (for a total of 14 hours), led in a virtual classroom and intended to educate participants in mindfulness and stress reduction, and in developing a set of skills and tools for increasing productivity and creating success in life.

The Mindful Solutions at Work for Executives promotes the belief that people must take responsibility for looking inward to tap their own resources for learning, growing, healing, and positive transformation.

# Of Classes: 12 classes offered weekly
Class Length:
1 hour. A 2-hour experiential workshop is conducted the 10th week of class
Live, online program

Please note: The classes and programs offered by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. are intended to be educational and do not constitute any form of clinical treatment.