Practice the Change You Wish to See in the World

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 · 1 Comment

piglet gratitudeLife is a practice and what you choose to practice is what will make up your character. It’s worth considering what you value in life and then making an intention and plan to live alongside those values. This is the direct back to living Ghandi’s words, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Consider how simple it really is:

If you want to be more grateful in life, practice being grateful.

If you want to be confident, practice confidence.

If you want to be more mindful, practice mindfulness.

If you want to be more loving, practice loving yourself and others.

If you want to be more forgiving and let go of stress-laden emotional burdens, practice forgiveness.

If you want to live essential happiness ingredients such as compassion and generosity, practice compassion and generosity.

With this said, no one said it’s going to be easy. We are all blessed with this negativity bias in our brains that has kept us alert enough to negative and fearful cues to survive this long as a species.

However, this negativity bias steps too far and infringes on us doing what we know inside is the direct path to happiness and well-being. Ittells us we’re not able to practice these things, or that we’re not good enough, or that if we feel too good we might be caught off guard and so inspires catastrophizing and keeps us down.

It’s time to rise up and listen to the wisdom inside. We can learn how to listen to the negativity bias when it matters and cool it down when it’s misdirected.

Learning to practice what we know is the right path for us is contagious. It gives other people permission to do it for themselves and the ripple effects can continue on and on and on.

We need one another to do this and at the same time it starts with me and you.

Choose today to be the day to intentionally practice the change you want to see in the world.

It is in each and every one us, be that loving awareness.



Author of Uncovering Happiness and C0-author of MBSR Every Day

Adapted from Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

One Comment

  1. Lee Elford
    March 27, 2016 at 5:27 am

    To whom this concerns

    My name is lee Robert Elford.
    Due to Slater & Gordon\\\’s involvement in scamming the Australian citizen, \\\’that can be easily proven\\\’ just by asking Slater & Gordon why they allowed the Australian birth certificate on the Stockmarket which classes an Australian individual as a corporation. And looking in to how they can possibly earn so much, think they earned over $380 million plus.

    Which creates a fund of up to $3 million in you birth certificate (yes yours too) and then they hold it and disperse it to the shareholders & doctors. (not bad $600 to $2500 for a 15 min interrogation..)

    They also have the no win no fee scam S.& G know clearly that the opposing solicitors ( keep in mind slater owns 90% of law firms. So is that double dipping). As well as the insurance company get there money back. (Example if work cover payed out $360,000 they get it back. So was the weekly wages really a loan from work cover & why is it classed as a wage if it gets paid back. the client pays income tax on that)

    Why not chuck in the trust issues there haven with one solicitor signing clients then hand balling the client to another solicitor (big no no client trust relation matters most people look for weeks for a solicitor to work for them and then get hand balled solicitors-clients trust relation is one of the reason they have that job it\\\’s to help the client with there best knowledge of the law. If I Built a house then gave it to another builder I can get sued. (keyword trust)

    The only issue is you have to hurt yourself for them to able to claim it, funny how Slater&Gordon are the leading experts in work cover injuries.

    In 1994 miss Julia Gillard working for Slater&Gordon help PM at the time John Howard implement agenda21, which allows them to buy law firms with out telling the Australian citizen, so they don\\\’t confuse us \\\”lol\\\”.
    More like so the clients can\\\’t win which allows the stockholder the choice over the individual. Keep in mind Gillard become pm in 2011 by their choice not ours, which opens another can of worms (another time).

    when governments work with solicitors and solicitors work with insurance company\\\’s like work cover does (which is government owned) then that leaves us screwed.

    (happy to send letter written to Slater&Gordon\\\’s CEO and was told told after they worked 3 years for me that I can leave without paying) check court records online at the start of 2013- you\\\’ll see What I mean.
    Please stop using policy & please do the right thing all law firms please stop it, use the law and change names from example (Graham John and associates) to Slater&Gordon .(should of been nice graham)
    not like Norwicki carbine (call them Ask John and Tony why they advertise Slater & Gordon / Norwicki Carbon now. They still need to get rid of the Norwicki-Carbon part.
    (They were bought out) (44 mill ring a bell ) I can send you that letter too.

    The problem is foreign policy through (Nato-Otan) Israel and some elites, so please do 20 min research you\\\’ll be surprised when you stop listening and see what happening, so the way I see it is the choices we make that are the choices are children follow .
    I also know they bought all the law firms to hide there money from asic funny how the case got dropped.
    Am happy to provide what\\\’s needed to correspond with all above

    Yours faithfully


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