Treating Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Live Seminar- New Course
Luxe Hotel in West Los Angeles
July 11th, 9am-4pm
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MBSR Everyday Book Event - InsightLA
Book talk and signing with Elisha Goldstein, PhD
July 25th, 2-4pm
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Breaking Bad Habits - The Neuroscience and Psychology of Personal Transformation
This 2-hour event will help
The Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles
August 22nd, 3pm -5pm
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Happiness 2.0: The Science of Mindfulness and Positive Neuroplasticity
Join Rick Hanson, PhD and Elisha Goldstein, PhD in a day of Happiness 2.0.
Los Angeles, Ca
October 17, 2015
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Uncovering Happiness through Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Kripalu is an amazing place not to be missed. Give yourself the gift of a weekend there with Elisha Goldstein giving you a deeper experience of uncovering happiness.
Kripalu, Berkshires, Massachussets
Nov 27 - 29, 2015
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