Mindful Solutions for Success and Stress Reduction at Work

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Mindful Solutions for Success and Stress Reduction at Work, the eBook, provides you with the understanding and tools to effectively be able to identify and focus on the most important things right now, reduce your stress levels, and become more successful in your everyday life. In engaging the lessons and practices in this eBook, you will become more aware of the ineffective habitual patterns that you unknowingly engage in, gain a renewed sense of control and choice in the present moment, and the ability to break the cycles of distraction and wasted time that too often lead to overwhelm and stress.

If you are living with Stress at work and want to be more focused and effective this educational and interactive eBook will give you the tools you need to increase awareness, reduce stress, and be more effective and happier in work and life.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Present Moment in Business
Chapter 2: The Stress Cycle
Chapter 3: Attention Zones Model
Chapter 4: Mind Traps
Chapter 5: Preparing for Practice
Chapter 6: Breathing Space
Chapter 7: STOP
Chapter 8: ACE
Chapter 9: Body Scan
Chapter 10: Mindfulness Throughout the Workday
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