Why this Program?

A Letter to You:

My name is Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. and I’ve spent the last 15 years immersing myself in the world of mindfulness, written numerous books and articles on the topics, created key programs and trained therapists, educators and business people.

But ultimately what I found is that right now with the spread of mindfuless, self-compassion, compassion and wisdom in all areas of our culture, there is a greater need in the world fordeeper immersion and real support to gain the clarity, confidence and the deep integration of this incredible work into our lives in an enduring way. 

I created the Course in Mindful Living  program set the gold standard for Online Mindfulness Meditation Training programs, offering one of the most supportive and comprehensive courses of its kind. 

In joining me and the highly respected international mindful faculty, you will learn how to retune your nervous system, create stability of mind, foster compassion, unrelenting trust and confidence in yourself and also a great sense of balance and joy.   

You'll also be with me and a wonderful community of peers the entire six months and receive private group mentorship with our highly respected international mindfulness teachers. 

“Given this stage we’re at with the interest in mindfulness blowing up in our society, people have an immediate need for a deeper immersion in Mindful Living with teachers and fellow students they can trust to be of utmost capability, credibility, and integrity."


Upon completion of the program you will be given a certificate of completion for A Course in Mindful Living by The Center for Mindful Living. You also be eligible for as many as 18.5 CE credits if you need them.

I can't wait to see you in this course that starts soon!


Elisha Goldstein 

Lead Faculty

Elisha Goldstein, PhD

Lead Faculty

Elisha Goldstein is the co-founder of The Center for Mindful Living, a Clinical Psychologist and author of many best selling books including Uncovering Happiness. Elisha will be conducting all the main teachings throughout the coursee. 

Note: In addition to Lead Faculty, A Course in Mindful Living will have a core group of internationally respected mindfulness teachers including Roger Nolan, LMFT;  Natalie Bell, PT, CMF;  Elaine Smookler, RP;   Kellie Edwards, Ashley Graber, LMFT and others who will be leading regular Private Mentorship Groups throughout the six months. 

How is this Program Organized?

- Powerful LIVE Interactive Learning: Learn, practice and discuss in an interactive, participatory and creative style. Part of the course features live online calls, but everything will be recorded for you to watch later if you miss it live.

- Comprehensive Course Curriculum: In addition to the live component, part of the program includes pre-recorded video, audio, and written content delivered weekly online designed for optimal integration. These include guided meditations, didactic teachings and interactive discussions.

- Private Group Mentorship: This a special level of support with our highly respected Mindful Faculty, not offered outside of professional training programs.  

- Accountability Partner: Everyone in the program gets an accountability partner to help keep your practice on track towards meeting your goals.

- Online Classroom & Ongoing Inspiration: A private online classorom filled with on-going tips to help support your learning.

- The Gift of Community:  With this immersion, you'll have the real opportunity to grow with an international community who will provide enormous support in your personal and professional growth!

What Will I Learn?

Month 1: Relax and Retune 

Learn the essential skills to create the optimal conditions for a receptive mind. Learn to tune your nervous system and balance being deeply relaxed yet awake and clear.

Month 2: Balance and Stability

Building on the first month we now optimize the mind for mindfulness by creativing stability of focus while remaining relaxed and at ease.  

Month 3: Trust and Self-Compassion

Learn to integrate the heart and mind, expanding into self-compassion, the cornerstone to building a sense of courage, resilience and emotional well-being. 

Month 4: Savor

Learn how to tap into your natural capacity for the good, including joy, gratitude and happiness in daily life. Learning the true experience of being able to be appreciate of the good moments and graceful during the difficult ones. 

Month 5: Connect

Deepen your sense of connection, generosity and relational equanimity, tuning our hearts through compassion. 

Month 6: Accept

Building on the strengths of all previous months, we now expand into settling into a full abiding awareness, sensing into inner-peace. 

Bonus Interviews: 

Throughout the program you'll also be given a number of bonus interviews with leaders in the field including Sharon Salzberg, Daniel Siegal, Dan Harris, Rick Hanson, Byron Katie, Kelly McGonigal and so many more.