A 7 Step Meditation to Start Your (Earth) Day!

Friday, April 22, 2016 · Leave a comment

We’re wired to take things for granted and this earth that sustains and supports us all is no exception.

It’s quite wonderful that we have a day to celebrate the earth and at the same time it would be even more wonderful if we could wake up with that awareness every day. The implicit connection and gratitude associated with it are associated with resiliency and well-being.

Drop your shoulders, settle in, here is a meditation for the Earth… enjoy!

7 Step Meditation to Start Your (Earth) Day

      1. First, start off by sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.
      2. Consider what the world needs more of – More kindness, reverence for nature, protecting life on this planet, thriving wildlife and rainforests that continue to produce beauty for our eyes and oxygen to survive.
      3. Consider what the world needs less of – Global stress, human disconnection, over consumption, over fishing, world hunger, maybe pollution.
      4. Sense your connection to this planet – Remember you were born on this planet and it is this very planet that sustains you. and how you will eventually be released back to the earth.
      5. Use your breath – Come back to the breath, breathing in and sensing the breath coming in, breathing out and sensing the breath going out as it’s happening, breath, by breath.

As you’re breathing, imagine yourself as a conduit for this planet where whatever you breathe in the planet receives, whatever you breathe out, the planet releases.

Take a moment and breathe in whatever you feel is healthy and nourishing for this earth – Sustainable choices, health, strength, a sense of interconnection – and breathe out, releasing what is unhealthy or depleting to the planet- stress, violence, greed, hate, overconsumption, Around the globe, food production, distribution, management and waste threaten wildlife, wild places and the planet itself.

Do it again – Breathe in what is healthy, visualizing the earth taking this nourishment through you, breathe out what is unhealthy, visualizing the earth releasing any toxic forces, pain and suffering.

  • Rest in heart – Taking a moment to go deeper, allowing yourself just to settle into the feeling of giving that is here, to the feeling of a grounded and open heart. Breathing in, the earth takes in what is needed and nourishing, breathing out, the earth releases what is destructive and depleting.
  • Bring it to a close with intention – Place your hands on your abdomen or heart and consider repeating this intention back to yourself for today: May I live each moment with compassion and awareness for this precious home, which includes myself.


Now make a commitment to yourself for the day to live in a way that expressed deep love for the planet and all life, your wellspring for loving this planet is limitless and our actions are deeply interconnected with all living things.

Know that as you do this, you are releasing your intentions into the fertile ground of pure possibility, and the more you do this, the more beautiful the bloom will be.

Adapted from Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

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